Top 5 zombie-themed apps for Apple iPhone

Zombies appear to be more and more popular among gamers these days, and the list of zombie-themed titles just keeps getting longer and longer. Even the Call of Duty series and the Yakuza of the End and Red Dead Redemption games have featured the undead characters. It’s not just video games with zombies in that are becoming more popular either, as zombie-themed apps are also catching on.

David Harfield over at has taken a look at a few of the zombie-themed apps that are available for the Apple iPhone (also compatible with the iPod Touch and iPad), and has provided a list of what he believes is the top 5. right down the bottom of the list at number five is Monsterz Revenge, which not only has you playing as a zombie, but also has you playing as Frankenstein and a number of other characters.

The great thing about the Monsterz Revenge game is the fact that players are able to visit their friends’ graveyards, view their car garage and even send gifts. Next on the list is the Call of Duty: World at War Zombies game, which not only provides users with four decent sized levels, but also has support for up to 4 players via Internet / Wi-Fi and two players via Bluetooth connection.

Those of you that enjoy entertainment apps such as FatBooth and Age My Face Pro will most likely enjoy the ZombieBooth: 3D Zombiefier app, which will transform your photograph into a 3D zombie. What makes this one of the most impressive face transformation applications is that it comes with scary sound effects, and the fact that the 3D zombie version of yourself will even try to ravage your finger if you get too close.

The list would not be complete without the hugely popular and award-winning Plants vs. Zombies game, which features a total of 50 levels and numerous achievements to unlock. the idea of the Plants vs. Zombies game is that players – who are armed with various plants – must defend their house from the hordes of different zombies. the game that made it to the top of the list however is Zombie Fields.

Zombie Fields features two characters to choose from (male and female), two modes of play – assault and survival – and three levels of difficulty: easy, normal and hard. the game also features 10 different types of weapon including magnum revolver, a sub-machine gun, a pump-action shotgun and even Molotov cocktails. have you downloaded any of the aforementioned zombie-themed apps?

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