Top 5 Monaural Bluetooth hands free kits

Today most mobile handsets, except the really basic ones, offer Bluetooth which provides wireless connectivity. over the past couple of years, the Bluetooth accessories have undergone drastic changes with the inclusion of features such as noise cancellation, voice alerts, quick charge and many more such features.

Bluetooth handsfree kits that are available today can be easily classified in to two main categories &#151 monaural and stereo handsfree kits. the monaural audio channel based handsfree kits only support voice communications while the stereo hands free kits offer music playback along with audio communication.

Last time we covered the stereo Bluetooth handsfree kits for those who like to enjoy their music along with the regular communication but this time we have chosen top 5 monaural or mono Bluetooth headsets. due to mono audio channel, these headsets are smaller in size and can only be used for communication purposes only.

Nokia BH 904 (Rs 4,500)

Nokia has a range of Bluetooth accessories for mobile phones in both the Mono and the Stereo category. the Nokia BH 904 is a monaural Bluetooth headset which features a radical design comprising an extendable boom microphone that allows the user to connect or disconnect calls. this extended arm also enhances sound reception of the microphone thereby improving audio quality. not to forget the enhanced comfort that is offered by this device even when it is used for a long duration.

The BH 904 also features active noise cancellation with the help of a secondary microphone placed right on the outer side of the handsfree. this allows the device to increase or decrease the noise cancellation intensity with the change in ambience noise.

BlackBerry HS300 (Rs 2,000)

Research in motion has the HS300 handsfree kit especially for the BlackBerry devices. the device carries the BlackBerry legacy with its full black colour and simplistic design. the device is small in size that makes it a perfect fit for the ear and discreet at the same time. It features an automatic volume control so the user does not have to struggle while using it.

The device features voice prompts for major events such as connectivity and battery level and also features rapid charge which helps it to get back in action in minimum possible time, basically ready for business.

Plantronics Bluetooth Headset Voyager Pro+ (Rs 3,000)

Voyager Pro+ device is extremely comfortable to use with its behind-the-ear design and along with that it has a boom microphone for better and clearer communication. well the only downside is that its micro-phone is a non-retracting one so it kind of sticks out of the device all the times.

Other than that the device delivers superb voice clarity and active noise cancellation with the presence of another microphone to listen and then act on the noises. this is probably the only mono hands free to feature Advanced 2 way Data Port connectivity allowing it to playback music from the Bluetooth stream too. the device’s extended microphone is prone to wind disturbance but the company has given it 3 layers of protection and wind noise suppression technologies to counter them.

Plantronics Bluetooth Headset M100 (Rs 2,800)

The Plantronics M100 is a sleek handsfree with a unique design that gives it an exciting and sophisticated look, which suits both executive and casual attires. the M100 comes in a dual colour graphite, blue colour tone with a glossy outside and in a matte finish in the inside surface. in a nutshell, the look and design of this device is great and with a slim profile it can be worn every day without any hassles.

One of the best features of the M100 is its voice alerts. Users are alerted when the device is switched on, paired, connected and even when the battery level goes down, making possible a virtually vision less operation.

M100 perfectly suits even the iPhone as it gives the exact battery level on phone’s screen through its free iPhone app. along with the Bluetooth version 2.1, the M100 features quick Pair technology that eliminates the need to input any passwords to connect the device to the mobile phone. also, the device can be connected to two devices simultaneously.

Jabra Bluetooth Headset Wave (Rs 3,500)

Well Jabra devices are known for their quality and its quite right if we say that Jabra as a name is quite synonymous with communication accessories, be it Bluetooth or non Bluetooth based. the Wave is another great headset from the house of Jabra. this headset, like the Voyager Pro+, features a non-retracting boom microphone with a behind the ear design.

It features a same 3 layer wind protection technology and active noise cancellation. the design, however, is a little different than the Pro+.

The device also features visual display for both battery and Bluetooth along with that voice prompts helps the users in many different ways too. but sadly enough it does not feature the A2DP profile as the Pro+ does.