Top 5 Golf GPS iPhone Apps

Looking for the top Golf GPS iPhone app to help you get your golf game on? Look no further than our list of the five top golf GPS iphone apps. All these apps give you tons of features that take full use of your iPhone’s GPS feature.

Golfshot: Golf GPS


For serious golfers who own an iPhone, this app is a must have. It’s one of the most feature-rich golf GPS iPhone apps available from the App Store. It contains 33,000+ courses, GPS rangefinder with large numbers, front, center and back of green as well as up to 40 points per hole. The app also gives you a GPS aerial view with TouchPoint technology and lets you assign ideal layup distances for your approach clubs. You can also track distance for any shot using the app. As a bonus feature, the app also comes with a PGA Tour quality scorecard that lets you compare scores and rounds with other golfers. (Price: $29.99) (iTunes link)

Golflogix: Golf GPS


If you’re a golf player, you must have used Golflogix’s maps before since they are a proven industry leader in the realm of golf GPS. For its iPhone app, Golflogix lets you access distances to greens and hazards, keep score for you and your friends, and tracks stats as if you’re a pro golfer. The app also allows you to use Golflogix’s interactive aerial images for looking up an overview of each fairway. You can even touch anywhere on the screen to see landing points. It also lets you see your distance to any point on the zoomed-in actual green images, track 4-person scoring and pro-level stat tracking, sync and share all your scores and stats for free in the online Golflogix clubhouse plus many other features. The best thing about this golf GPS app for the iPhone is of course the fact that it is free. (Price: Free) (iTunes link)

Viewti Golf 2010


Here’s an ideal app to compliment your golf game featuring over 30,000 golf courses worldwide in 3D and 7,000 driving ranges. This golf app offers a versatile rangefinder as well as scorekeeping and statistics tracking including an individual shot tracking feature. For its rangefinder feature the app gives you 3D flyover of every hole, smart target for teeshot, interactive GPS rangefinder, crystal clear green view, zoom and pan and course details information. For shot tracking, the app lets you track your club selection, results and lie for every shot, and distance and accuracy tracked for all clubs. Other features of the app include – advanced statistics, detailed scorecard, and great customer service. (Price: $29.99) (iTunes link).

nRange Golf GPS


This golf iPhone app originated on BlackBerry devices. For its iPhone version the developer brings in tons of useful features that will help you get your golf game on. It gives you automatic online access to courses, fast, accurate yardages, distances to any course via overhead aerial maps, the ability to measure your shots, score for yourself and your friends, advanced stats and round history. For all its features you wouldn’t think that this app would be free. There are 19,000 golf courses in the database and it’s still growing. (Price: Free) (iTunes link)

WeGolf – Golf GPS


An intuitive interface, high usability factor and low power usage, make this iPhone golf app a must have. Its major features include – rangefinder using your iPhone’s GPS, scorecard, statistics, unlimited course download for free, personal web page for your data and statistics, free upgrades and features, 24/7 customer support, 12-monts subscription option to WeGolf community and a map your own courses feature with unlimited coordinates. (Price: $17.99) (iTunes link)