Top 3 Features Of Iphone 5 For Iphone Application Developers

Since Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007, it brought about a revolution in the mobile industry. From there onwards mobile are not just used for calling; the mobiles are now Smart phones. Now, with the advent of iPhone 5, Apple has again set the floor on fire. The new version of the iPhone family has so much to offer. The gadget is packed with impeccable features. Here are the top five features that iPhone 5 has concealed for iPhone application developers . 1.The wide 4 inch screen The earlier versions of the iPhone had 3.5 inch screen, but iPhone 5 gifts you a half inch more. So, with the wide 4 inch screen, iPhone 5 offers 1136×640 pixels and a little more space for Home screen icons. Further, the display of the respective version of the iPhone has a built-in digitizer that makes it thinner, in fact much thinner. If compared with 4S, then the colors are quite more saturated, but the brightness and contrast are same. The big screen has made the task of the iPhone developers tad difficult, as now they need to develop applications that fit the resolution of the wide screen. However, there is a plus point, with a little more of efforts, the developers can gift high resolutions applications that their users would adore. Bigger screen means more visibility and if the developers win the game of matching the pixels, then users will make a point to knock their doorstep for further application developments. 2.Super fast performance The speed of iPhone 5 is simply way higher than the earlier versions. Whether you are downloading an application or a web page, clicking a picture or shooting a video, the gadget works at a lightning fast speed. In addition to this, if you were all satisfied with the graphic performance of 4S, then iPhone 5s graphic performance will surely knock off your socks. It is double than the 4S and thus, enhances the gaming experience. Developers can take high advantage of this feature and can develop applications and games accordingly. The lightening fast speed helps the developers in offer a better application and thus, adds gold coins in their account. 3. Wi-Fi and 4G iPhone 5 supports 4G and Wi-Fi, in fact the gadget has improved Wi-Fi support with a dual-band 802.11n radio. Thus, with iPhone 5, it is compatible hotspots and wireless routers and can be easily connected on either 4GHz or 5GHz. This easy internet support will further support various applications that a developer would render as his service. Thus, the developer doesnt need to think twice of internet support, as it is already settled in iPhone 5.