Top 10 tips and tricks for iOS 6 and iPhone 5

Updated Siri Application

You can now open up applications, make reservations, look for movies and check sport scores. Just tell Siri to “Play Angry Birds,” or “Find a pizza restaurant nearby.”

Shared Photo Streams

Sending photos through email is so-iOS 5, you can now upload your latest photos to a ‘shared Photostream.’ This can be shared with your closest friends and family. The feature is very similar to Facebook photos, where users can like and comment on photos. You can turn this feature on from the settings.

VIP Mailboxes

If you receive dozens of emails everyday, but you only want to focus on the ones from your boss and closest friends, this feature is for you. The VIP mailbox will only display emails from the people you most care about. This can be turned on from the settings app.

Song As alarm

No-one likes to wake to Marimba when you have the option to wake to your favourite song from your library. This feature is very simple, yet long awaited.

Respond To Calls With A Text Message

Everyone receives calls they want don’t want to pick up, but now you have the option send a message to the caller, letting them know that you can’t pick up. You can also tell the app to remind you later in an hour or when you leave the location you’re at.

Full Screen Safari

While this is not revolutionary, it is again a nice addition to the little features that Apple added to iOS 6.

Limit Ad Tracking

If you are very privacy-concious this feature is great to limit the information that advertisement agencies can collect. It’ll take some time for the targeted ads to disappear, but after this period of time you’re activities should be more private.