Top 10 iPhone Communication Apps

The iPhone can be serious fun, but can also be just plain serious as well. Take a look at some of the best communication apps that the Apple App store has to offer.

A lot of sites focus primarily on the fun side of the apps that you can download onto your iPhone. Yes, its true that you can have a while heck of a lot of fun with your iPhone apps, but you can also get some serious work done too. Today we are going to take a look at some of the more serious apps you can find in the store. In this case it is communication apps, the kind that will keep you in touch with the office whether you are on a quick lurch with a client or a trip to the other side of the country.



Take one of the most popular IM services in the world on your iPhone. The interface is simple, but then again so is the one on the desktop program.



Twitterrific is a manager for your Tweets. You can see you past tweets, take a look at what the people you are following have to say and write new tweets, all in a slick interface.



Its like Twitter on steroids, allowing for tagging and searching that will help you to keep in touch with updates related to specific projects or topics.



Keep in touch with your network and see their updates. Just don’t expect to see anything in the way of advanced features or widgets in this app.



Palringo allows you to echange rich text and voice messages with other users of the service.



Calliflower is a platform similar to Facebook (and it used to be a Facebook application) that also allows you to manage conference calls on your iPhone.

Lets VoIP and Truphone


These services allows you to make free calls if you are in wireless range. This is great if you are running low on airtime and want to advoid fees, or if you need to make a costly call outside your range.

Air Sharing


This allows your iPhone to use wireless file transfer so that you can share files with both Mac and PC users without making a physica connection.



This application allows you to work with multiple IM clients at the same time. If you have more than one IM service and you want to use them all at once this is the application for you.

Go ahead and have some fun with your new communication apps. Just be sure to take care in choosing so that you do not end up with duplicates of your other downloads.

*Ok, so you could, in theory, use them to keep in touch with your friends if you want to.