Tips On Finding The Best Cell Phone Cover

A cell phone cover serves as a protective layer to protect your phone from the daily wear and tear that can scratch or damage your personal device. Since encasing a phone in concrete would render the phone useless (although offer excellent protection), there is a fine line between protection and function. A highly protective case may be thicker and bulkier, possibly even weighing more than a sleek and thin case designed for aesthetic appeal. to help you with purchasing the right cell phone cover for your particular cell phone, it is important to be aware that covers are designed for specific cell phone models by year (every year the same model phone will change in it’s measurable dimensions). it is also important to know about the different types of cell phone covers outlined below, so you can find the perfect case to fit your phone and lifestyle.

A body glove is a cell phone cover that provides two important functions. they are designed to prevent the casing of the phone from scratches and minimize the shock received after being dropped on the floor. These covers are made of neoprene, which allows the case to snuggly fit around the phone’s body, buttons and jacks. you can get body gloves that have an attachment for clipping the phone to a belt. it is a very strong and durable cell phone cover, though limited in cosmetic elements due to the type of material it is made of.

Skins and stick-on covers are generally made of a thin and durable plastic, and can be peeled off and attached to the cell phone. Some stick-ons are designed purely for cosmetic reasons as they are essentially stickers attached to the back of the phone. while these types offer little to no protective value, cosmetically the sky is the limit. However, there are skins designed for the glass face itself, which is purely designed to stops scratches and abrasions. make sure you get those air bubbles out when applying a skin or protective face cover

Faceplates are also designed to protect the glass screen from scratches by offering a solid clear plastic piece over the face instead of thin stickers. they offer the required protection while also bringing cosmetic elements to the table. they are available in various designs and colors and you put them on the phone by snapping the cover over the phone casing. This type of case is very common as it offers the best of both worlds and is easy to install or change when the time comes.

Pouches protect the phone by sliding the phone into the pouch much like how you would slide a pair of glasses into an eyeglasses case. they can be attached to a belt, protecting the phone when being carried around. they are functional and fashionable as you can choose from varying designs, colors, and shapes. Typically these cases are designed for those who do not want to alter the phone in anyway, yet be able to have their phone at their sides at all time. Furthermore these types of cases eliminate the need to put your phone in your pocket or purse. Whichever type of case you decide upon, just make sure it will fit your specific cell phone.