Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, will do just fine

When Steve Jobs resigned last night the entire tech industry was shaken up. The timing was a bit sudden, but, we all knew it was coming at some point. Jobsy has been struggling with his health for a long time, and it was best for him to hand over the reigns while he still had the choice. But don’t for any second think that he’s disappearing. as chairman of the board he’s still very much in control, he just won’t be doing his usual daily, nitty gritty, micro-management stuff. if his successor does poorly, he can fire him, and find someone else. He’ll still hold enough influence to convince his fellow board members to go along with his ideas.

Steve Jobs resigning sent many fanboys, and girls in to a state of shock. There were rumors of Apple’s share prices plummeting after trading. The problem is that old Jobbo has, for the past decade, been the main reason Cupertino got back up on its feet. (Remember, it was at a point of almost disappearing altogether before the iMac was launched.) so, with him leaving, many’s first reactions were “Apple will fall apart!”. Chaos ensued as young tech fans everywhere panicked, running through the streets screaming “It’s the iApocolypse!! everybody run.” Today is the day after, the dust has cleared, and we can take a much more sensible look at the state of affairs at Apple’s HQ.

Tim Cook has been virtually running the show since March/April. in that time he’s been spotted in China working out what could well be the most financially rewarding carrier partnership in the history of iPhones. Apple also announced a record-breaking quarter in which no new iPhone was launched (unless you count the white iPhone 4). Cook has been in charge previously, a few years ago during another medical leave. The company was tremendously successful during that time. He knows what he’s doing, he gets Steve’s vision, and things will not fall apart. with $76 billion in the bank, and a major deal coming off in China, plus the impending iPhone 5 launch (which Cook is managing right now), Apple won’t be going anywhere for some time. Sure, Steve got this company where it is now, but Cook can keep it growing, building on Jobs’ success.

“While Jobs was on medical leave from January 2009 to June 2009, Apple delivered two back-to-back blow-out quarters, as well as an updated iPhone OS, and new iPhone 3GS hardware. under Cook, Apple also put the finishing touches on the company’s new iPods, MacBooks, and Mac OS, which were released shortly after Jobs’ return to the helm in late June.”

So, you see, there’s nothing to worry about. There’s not doubting that Steve Jobs is an icon. Possibly the tech industry’s greatest ever CEO. His charisma, way with words and single-minded drive got the company where it is today. Fortunately, he’s passed that on to someone just as capable. Let’s hope in ten years we’ll be seeing Cook in the same light. We’ll miss Steve, but it was the best thing for Apple right now.

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