Three Top Fishing Apps for the iPhone

Take your fishing trips to the next level with the top angling apps for the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Learn how to tie the top fishing knots, fly cast like a pro, and keep track of your best fishing trips with these top three fishing apps!

Orvis Fly Fishing

Orvis is one of the most popular names in the fishing industry. This company sells a vast amount of quality fly fishing gear, offers fantastic overseas fishing safari trips, promotes various conservation projects, and also happens to offer one of the best fly fishing apps for the iPhone. Available for the iOS, Android and Kindle Fire, the Orvis Fly Fishing app is jam-packed with features. Users will find instructional videos loaded onto the app on topics ranging from how to tie fly fishing knots, cast a fly rod, and more. Also found in this comprehensive fishing app is links to the popular Orvis fly fishing podcast, a fly-fishing glossary and search, and Orvis fly fishing reports from popular bodies of water. It’s not free, selling for $14.99 through iTunes, but the huge array of features packed in this app makes it a must-have for serious fly anglers.

Animated Fishing Knots

Learning to tie the basic knots for fishing can be a major obstacle for many anglers. Even the Cinch knot may very well not be a “cinch” to tie for first time anglers. Fortunately, there is an app for that! Check out Animated Fishing Knots, from developer John Sherry is a terrific fishing app for the iPhone. It contains animations showing how to tie 31 different fishing knots, from the most basic Drop Shot and Egg Loops to the more complicated Arbor Knot and Yucatan Knot. Animated Fishing Knots is available through the iTunes store for only $0.99, a real bargain when you consider the amount of fishing knowledge contained within!

Fishing Notes

Jimmy Houston is a bass fishing celebrity, known for his professional fishing career and television series. While he is no longer a major face in the tournament world, he is still active in the larger bass fishing industry, as evidenced by the recent release of Fishing Notes. Promoted by Jimmy Houston, this fishing app is an all-in-one fishing log app. Basically, users can add journal entries for fishing trips and compare it with a larger fishing community also using the app. Solunar tables, major and minor feeding times, Google Maps integration, and more may be found in Fishing Notes. Users do not need an active internet connection to add reports to the app, certainly a plus when out in the wilderness fishing. Want to show off your reports through Facebook or Twitter? Fishing Notes also includes this function, along with real-time weather and 5-day forecasts for any location.