Three out of four iPhone buyers now opt for the 4S – iPad/iPhone – Macworld UK

New data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners reveals that almost ten per cent more Android and BlackBerry users are switching to iPhones in comparison to data recorded the beginning of the year. plus, 73 per cent of all iPhone buyers are going for the iPhone 4S, the latest model of Apple’s iPhone.

Apple Insider reports that 38 per cent of customers that invested in a new iPhone in April switched from an Android or BlackBerry smartphone. That percentage is up from the 29 per cent of platform switching iPhone buyers recorded in the February survey, and is even two per cent higher than it was when the iPhone 4S first launched last year.

According to the survey, which had 7,348 US participants, 521 of which were eligible to respond, 50 per cent of the iPhone 4S buyers went for the 16GB model. a smaller 34 per cent purchased the 32GB model, and just 16 per cent chose the biggest and most expensive 64GB model.

In total, 73 per cent of all iPhone buyers that took part in the survey bought the iPhone 4S, while 22 per cent got the iPhone 4, and just 5 per cent chose the older iPhone 3GS model. That 73 per cent 4S figure has increased from 69 per cent in the February survey.