The top 10 back-to-school iPhone apps

For students, there are some back to school essentials that are more helpful than others. Textbooks, paper for notes, pencils and the proper backpack can go a long way in helping to make time spent in school a lot easier to handle. Another way to make sure homework is completed, books are read on time, graphs and spreadsheets are accurate is with an iPhone app. There are thousands of iPhone apps that can help students and teachers triumph in the classroom.   

At the well-stocked Apple iPhone app store, there are more than 200,000 apps on every subject, available for download. Students who need help with mathematical equations, staying fit and healthy, geography, history or even managing time and money; there’s an app for that . Listed below are the top ten back to school iPhone apps that can help create serious study time and there are apps that are ideal for fun and games – after school.


Download the free app and get definitions for 400,000 words and a thesaurus.

2] Documents to Go

View and save documents with Documents to Go. Sync and view Microsoft Office files, PDFs and more, to your iPhone. You can also create and format Microsoft Word documents. $4.99

3] Periodic Table of Elements

Download the periodic table of elements and you can organize 118 elements according to name, chemical series, atomic number and more. $0.99.

4] CourseSmart

This free app give you the full text of more than 7,000 textbooks.

5] Mobile Calculator

For only $1.00 this app enhances the iPhone’s built-in calendar as it tally statistics, algebraic functions and trigonometry problems.

6] Cram

A study tool that let users create flash cards and multiple choice tests, that can be shared with friends. $6.99.

7] Graphing Calculator

This app can graph multiple equations and e-mail the results. Ideal for high school students, only $0.99.

8] My Homework

Organize and keep track of your class schedule and upcoming assignments according to their due date. Free.

9] Big Words

Search the textbook price comparison search engine while shopping for books at the college campus bookstore.

10] iStudiez Pro

Keep track of class schedules and assignments. Color coded tabs makes it easy to attach assignments to each course.

Top 10 iPhone Apps for Fun

1] Facebook

After class lets out, the Facebook application make it easy to keep tabs on friends, events and share photos. Free.

2] gFlashPro

Use Google Spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel to create decks of cards that include sound clips or YouTube video. Free or $4.99.

3] Google Mobile App

This free, voice activated Google Mobile App can locate what you are looking for. Includes Gmail, Calendar and Docs.

4] Pandora Radio

Build play-lists of your favorite songs or artists and listen during those long nights of studying.

5] iFlipr Flashcards

Customizable flashcards that use an algorithm specifically designed to boost both memory and retention.

6] Stanza

This free app has magazine and newspaper content as well as free copies of more than 30,000 classic books including; Shakespeare, Dickens and Nietzsche.

7] Evernote

Type and synchronize notes, photos as well voice memos from your iPhone to the Web, to be accessed later. Free.

8] Guitar Toolkit

Learn to play guitar on your iPhone. More than 500,000 chord variations and a tuner. $9.99

9] Scrabble

Keep your spelling up to par with this timeless word game. Only $2.99

10] Navy SEAL Fitness

Stay fit with the Navy SEAL fitness app. Physical training exercises that help student keep in shape. $1.99.


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