The iPhone 3G Is Becoming Increasingly Rare

The iPhone 3G is about to disappear. Released in 2009, the iPhone 3G, which is still in the catalog of Apple, would be increasingly difficult to find. Stocks are the lowest in Europe and the United States. According to 9to5Mac, the operator Orange in the UK have also indicated to employees that the iPhone 3G was simply no longer available.

While some saw the iPhone 3G go back for another year with a floor price for the prepaid market card, it will not happen. the iPhone 3G should bow out soon for the next iPhone in September.

The iPhone 4 should take its place on the entry level segment, while the iPhone 5 should be the new standard of Apple. to cut costs, Apple could replace the glass on the iPhone 4 in plastic, the next iPhone could then trade at less than 100 euros with a subscription and less than 300 euros with a prepaid card.

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