The holiday tech list

What’s the attraction?

Gadgets are there to make our lives easier, richer and more enjoyable. So while many of us will look forward to leaving the laptop behind when we go on holiday, for others that lifeline to emails and online information is essential. Email and photo-messaging save sending postcards home, an ebook reader will lighten your luggage, and the right gadgets will stop you getting lost, burgled or bored. of course you can switch off on holiday, but with all this modern technology to choose from, why would you want to? Left to your own devices, mobile or otherwise, there is a gargantuan array of "travel gadgets" on the market, ranging from practical tools to wacky gimmicks.

Read 1,000 books

You won’t, of course, however long your trip, but the Amazon Kindle might make you think you could. the leading electronic book reader is lighter than a paperback and – crucially – entirely legible in bright sunlight through sunglasses (and you can’t say that about Apple’s iPad). the Kindle can store thousands of books and you can download wherever you are. the wifi-only version must be in a wireless hotspot to connect, but the 3G edition feels like magic. you can sit on the beach, browse the bookstore, and download a digital tome in under 60 seconds.

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