The Geek Squad Fixes Your iPhone — and Your Finances

You’ve got tech questions — and we’ve found the answers.

We’ve asked the experts at the Geek Squad to help you make the most of your technology, answering your thorniest tech questions. so if you’re wondering what to buy, how to plug it in, or how to fix it, the Geek Squad can help.

This week, Geek Squad Double Agent Brian Valdez answers YOUR questions.

“While on vacation in Florida, the audio in my wife’s iPhone 3G died. she took it to the AT&T store and was told the speaker was a common problem with the iPhone 3g. she ended up buying a new iPhone 4. Is there any way to repair the old phone? or should we just have it recycled?”

There’s nothing worse than having a small but integral piece of high tech gadgetry suddenly cease functioning. In the case of the iPhone 3g, it can be devastating. Fear not, though, for there are a string of options that can keep this wonderful phone from becoming an expensive paperweight.

For an interim and immediate low cost fix, buy an external Bluetooth or wired earpiece and microphone. There are even microphones for calling and high quality earbuds to maximize your speakerless iPhone. 

The intrepid — and electrically adventurous — might consider the cheap replacement speaker kits available online. Bear in mind that while economic and capable of restoring your iPhone to full functionality, these kits could completely damaging your phone beyond repair, a risk you bear yourself. 

You’ll need a functioning knowledge of soldering techniques (see electrically adventurous above), and most definitely will void any other manufacturer or store-based warranties and guarantees. this option is only for the most inquisitive — those who love to see how things work.

Geek Squad offers an entire city of Agents who specialize in hardware repair offsite, of course, and our Agents in precincts are on station to quickly process and dispatch your injured iPhone to Geek Squad City for repairs.

“I updated my Mac to Apple’s OS X Lion before I realized that Quicken 2007 was no longer supported. I bought Quicken Essentials but it can’t open PowerPC apps. I’ve tried to use Essentials to open backed up versions of Quicken ’07, but it doesn’t work. Is there a workaround, or have I lost 10 years worth of tax and financial data?”

While not particular to Quicken itself, upgrade data migration is a rather familiar issue any time you upgrade operating systems. Fear not, we can help you tackle this issue!

Quicken contains a built-in conversion feature from previous versions of Quicken. First you need to locate your old Quicken file. It’s often is located in your documents folder. Next, open Quicken Essentials. From the File menu, select Import. A dialogue box will pop up allowing you to browse through your computer for the old file. Highlight the old file, and click import/open.

But if you don’t feel comfortable or just want the assurance of professional support, Geek Squad can provide assistance.

Got a question? E-mail us at and we’ll relay it to the Geek Squad. Next week, the Squad will answer the most interesting or most frequently asked questions.

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