The First Look of The New Iphone How it Feels to Have Iphone 5!

The media greeted the iPhone 5 last week with a mediocre response. The new iPhone 5 has longer, larger screen, with a thinner body frame compared to iPhone 4S. If follows the first two parts of technology’s Olympic-sounding motto: citius, grandior, vilius which means, faster, bigger and cheaper.

But it is not all about statistics, and even though iPhone 5 does not break any records, it is still at the top of the league. Apple lovers will tell you that it is not about the records that matter, but the experience.

Raw specifications suggest that the new phone is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than last year’s 4S but these specs never reveal the feel of touching an iPhone. With the latest phone, typing or swiping feels like you are touching the core pixels. This is because a layer of glass is removed from the touchscreen. Though the 4in screen is longer, it has the same width and one can still swipe the iPhone across with a thumb, which is not possible with Samsung’s huge Galaxy S3.

Those having an iCloud account can set up their new gadget with everything – including photos, apps, settings and even Wi-Fi settings and alarm times.

Apple is promising more than 225 hours’ of standby time and more 3G browsing and talk time amounting to nearly 8 hours. The new “Panorama” camera functionality is remarkable too. You can take a picture while moving and the camera goes on clicking until one has a perfect scene. You can move yourself up and down or around an object. You have 360 degrees of freedom for moving. Once the clicks are done, the software gets it all together seamlessly.

The iPhone 5 has a rear camera which includes 1080p video recording which also includes stills in between. There is the new enhanced Siri too which can find and book restaurants, tells you football scores, and offers turn-by-turn navigation to anywhere. It also helps the user to open apps and look out for film times and reviews. It is now easy to be updated with weather forecasts and particular stock prices too.

Here is a summary of what the new iPhone 5 can do: