The entire mobile landscape in a single infographic

A new infographic from the folks at WebDAM pulls together 25 important statistics about mobile advertising, the mobile market share, the growth of mobile usage.

While I’m not too sure I agree about the veracity of QR codes. The statistic used, claims 40 percent of users purchase an item after scanning a code. This, the same technology Marketingland declared dead almost a year ago? 

But this virtual compendium of meaningful industry measures can be a useful reference when your CEO needs a reminder as to why you’re buying mobie social media ads.

Highlights include:

  • Mobile ad revenue to more than double to $24.5 billion by 2016
  • 59% of users find mobile search ads useful
  • The top smartphone app based on audience reach is Facebook, by a landslide 
  • U.S. social media ad revenues are expected to reach $11 billion by 2017 (hear that, Pinterest?)

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