The Clues Apple Has Left Us On The iPhone 5

Apple has proven to be extremely secretive when it comes to its next generation devices. the same can be said about the iPhone 5. Currently, we get our information about the next smartphone from rumours and pure speculation. however, this doesn’t mean that the Cupertino firm has not dropped clues on their upcoming handset.

In terms of the smartphone’s display, it’s a dead cert that the house of Cook will outfit their new phone with a retina display. however, what we don’t know is the phone’s screen size. when the 4S was released, it came with the same 3.5 inch retina display just like its predecessor. this is despite the competition offering 4 inch displays on their handsets. Does this mean that the company will outfit the same 3.5 inch panel on the new phone? It’s possible. however, there are reports of the firm planning a larger display on the iPhone’s refresh for 2012. So, we might just see a phone with a bigger display this year.

Will the 5th generation iOS-powered smartphone sport 4G LTE support or the same 3G internet connection? when it comes to internet speeds, let’s gather clues from the new iPad. for the first time, Apple’s new tablet supports 4G. this means lightning-fast internet like never before. Since versions of Apple’s tablet support 4G, Its likely Apple will do the same with the upcoming iPhone 5. After all, it’s what Apple’s fans have been waiting for.

Will the next iPhone sport a quad-core processor? it has been highly speculated that the quad-core A6 chip will be the processor under the hood of Apple’s new smartphone. however, it’s also possible that the Cupertino firm will outfit their new phone with something else. we all thought that the new iPad would sport the A6 chip. Instead, Apple chose to use the A5X chip. this is a minor upgrade of the A5. it is still a dual-core. the only difference is its quad-core GPU (graphics processing unit) for better graphics and HD video playback. this might be the same processor the company uses on their next handset.

Now let’s try to figure out what Apple plans to call their new phone. will it be called the iPhone 5? this is doubtful. After Apple’s fourth generation handset, we all thought the firm Cupertino firm would add the number ’5′ after ‘iPhone’. Instead, they dubbed it the ’4S’. the iPad 2′s successor was thought to be the iPad 3. Instead, Apple named it the new iPad. So it’s possible Apple may launch their new smartphone as the ‘new iPhone’ or something to that effect.

Currently, these are the clues Apple has left us. unfortunately, there’s no way to find out for sure about the phone’s specs, features, or what it will be ultimately called. We’ll just have to wait until June or maybe October for the Cupertino firm to officially launch the iPhone 5.