The Best IPhone 3G In-Car Charger

The market already inundated with the variety in-car chargers for iPod and iPhone, it has really become a headache for the customer to select best out of them. In car charger for the Apple iPhone 3G provides power for your iPhone 3G when in your car.

The In-Charge Auto by XtremeMac is claimed to be made especially for iphone. However you need to ensure that by looking at the technical specifications as it can also result in some complications. we have found lot of people quoting their bad experiences with speaker docks and in-car chargers causing the logic board on their iPhone to burn out resulting to fried iphone. Some of you can’t even imagine it.

Be careful about the output line directly coming from the 12V output because if you are feeding 12V ti your iPhone which requires only 5V your iphone can’t react funny or dye completely after a few days or weeks of use.

Car chargers for the iPhone and iPod use the FireWire ports on the connector that can easily sink input voltage from 8-30VDC. the iPhone can handle that voltage with no problem from the FireWire port.

Extrememac iPhone In Car Charger Safely charges your iPhone or iPod in your vehicle. it is compatible with any standard 12V power/accessory outlet. Extrememac also offers superior protection in the form of a self-resetting fuse giving peace of mind with LED status to indicate connection regulated properly.

Ideally an in car charger for iphone should Plugs into the cigarette lighter and enables your handset to make calls even when the battery is empty.

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