The 15 Best iPhone Games

Tiny Tower, Cut the Rope, Infinity Blade, rage HD, Dead Space, and more join our revamped list of the top 15 iPhone games. Did your favorite make the cut?

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last time we looked at the best iPhone games in the mobile market, things were much different. Angry Birds ruled the land with an iron first, Doodle Jump had, er, jumped into the App Store to critical acclaim, Rage HD gave us a taste of id Software’s next big thing, Infinity Blade pushed the boundaries of iOS technology, and a little title called Game Dev story had put Kairosoft on the map. a handful of months later, some new sensations and indie gems are headlining our new list of “Top 15” favorite iPhone games.

but with so many excellent apps (and it’s impossible to cover them all), we had to lay a few ground rules down. one, no ports of console or PC games like Street Fighter IV or Mega Man 2 — those iOS titles will be getting special treatment further down the road. also, the GamePro editors took an office poll to make sure that our Honorable Mentions included as many worthy games as possible. Did we miss one of your favorites? let us know in the comments, and give your special iOS games some love.

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