Ten Of The Best Free Iphone Apps

Every iPhone owner surely knows of the existence of free applications for their amazing phone. But while free of charge, they are not always the most useful. Some are just useless junk, applications that you will probably never use anyway; being free is the only thing they have going for themselves. But there are also a considerable number of free iPhone apps which every iPhone user will probably consider as indispensible.

We all need to thank the great iPhone app developers that for various reasons, offer their iPhone apps free of charge. Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad and that is why it’s necessary to do a bit of research and weed through the junk to find the gems. This article will help you in that regard; there are ten of the very best non-game free iPhone apps that will amaze you.


Developed by the White Cross Rescue Association, this helpful application can provide basic information regarding the handling for emergency medical situations. You need info on how to apply first-aid during specific medical situations? You can depend on iFirstAid.

Natural Cures

Another health-related app, as the name already describes, provides natural remedies for a wide range of diseases and ailments that could be treated at home. Natural Cures is a helpful app that can save you time and money.

Music Healing Free

Are you stuck in a stressful situation? Use this app to play soothing music (from calming classical pieces to refreshing instrumental sounds) that can help you relax. It even has images to compliment the music!


This is one of the best iPhone tools available for bloggers. TypePad allows users to update blogs, upload photos, and even update Twitter to let followers know of new blog entries.


Practically all mobile phones have basic calculators. However, TouchCalc comes with advanced functions that cannot be found in your normal mobile calculator. This free iPhone app is perfect for students or anyone who needs more complex uses from their calculators.


Are you a photographer or simply a Flickr user who enjoys sharing pictures? Klick allows you to upload photos on your Flickr account. Not only that, you can also check the photos of your contacts!


Why spend hundreds on a Kindle or any commercially available eBook when you can get it for free? eReader is a convenient eBook reader that allows you to read various eBook formats, as well as change the font size of the book you About the Author

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