Technorati #Mobile Chat: From near bankruptcy, to top performer

Balancing product marketing with product development

What do you do when you realize that your business will be out of cash in six months? Well listen to how today’s guest went from corporate life to making a living off his apps, to nearly going bankrupt and how he changed his approach to charging for updates for his popular apps. Also, listen to the tip that today’s guest gives about sending emails to the press and how he managed to get featured on The Verge.

Our guest for today is the opinionated Russell Ivanovic, the co-founder of Shifty Jelly, the company that created Pocket Weather Au and Pocket Cast.

Our interesting conversation today involves a different take in coming up with apps and marketing them and the fun things he and his business partner had gone through in between.

Not a boring moment in our episode today so tune in as Russell shares:

Taking it from Russell, the app industry has indeed come a long way. There are currently millions of apps in the app store and it will take effort for your app to stand out. So ‘don’t expect to be an overnight millionaire or for things to fall into place. Do the hard work’.



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