Take 360 degree videos with the iPhone Bubblescope

Introducing to you the Bubblescope; one of the coolest photography accessories for the iPhone that you’ll see this year!

The Bubblescope is an iPhone and Android smartphone accessory with a twist – it takes 360 degree photo and video using the periscope-like bubble camera you see above. an accompanying app called Bubblepix for your smartphone lets you see what your 360 picture or video will look like on-screen before you take it – just a swipe of your finger across the screen will show you what’s taken in.

It’s a fairly new accessory from Bristol-based Company Bubblepix and has already received praise in the tech world from the likes of Suzi Perry of The Gadget show.

A custom case is available for the iPhone 4 and 3GS as well as many Android smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S. The case allows you to slot the Bubblescope accessory into place, lining it up perfectly with the phone’s camera. once that’s done just pop up the Bubble itself and the app will open, allowing you to start snapping!

The Bubblepix accessory lets you store and share your pictures and videos through several online communities including Facebook and Twitter.

BubbleScope are hoping to raise £10,000 to make the Bubblescope a possibility. You can donate anything from £20 to £70 and help them on their way, and of course you’ll score a Bubblescope and case for your device once they’re made, as well as becoming an official tester of the device before they go on sale. Help them out here.

We can’t wait to give the Bubblescope a try with some of our smartphones, some of the panoramic views around Gadget Helpline HQ need the Bubblescope to do them justice.

Check out the Bubblescope on show in the video below.

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