Tactical NAV Is An Indispensable Tool

AppDictions App ReviewTactical NAV combines military technology with GPS to form one powerful navigation app for the iPhone. Created by an U.S. Army officer as a resource for troops, Tactical NAV is a land navigation tool which has also been used to aid in the calling in of air strikes.

Once you location services are activated and upon launching the app, you will immediately be presented with all of the navigational resources you could want.  the expandable menu allows the user to; insert a drop point on the map which can be saved and emailed – which I have to mention as my only complaint – the app closed and email did not open when I tried emailing the drop point. This may just have been my device and I do not want to detract from how impressed we are with the app. Other tabs include the compass, camera, coordinates detailing the date, time, heading, bearing, and longitude and latitude. there is even an infrared option and you can re-calibrate the compass by waving your device in a figure 8 motion. Tactical NAV also puts military technology in civilian hands by way of integrating the MGRS grid view; which is the U.S. military’s own grid reference system. you can alter your viewing settings to display either map, satellite or hybrid view.

Coming from a bit of a military family; I shared the app with a former Army scout who remarked he would have loved to have had this while on active duty. Tactical NAV is a technologically superior app, and you may feel like a commando using it. However, it’s not just appropriate for active military personnel in the field, but for adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, campers and the like.

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iTunes DescriptionCreated for the troops, by the troops!  Tactical NAV is an indispensable tool. Map & plot navigational waypoints, share location and waypoint information with other Tactical NAV users by email, and even take photographs stamped with GPS coordinates.  these are just some of the tools the U.S. Military and NATO Armed Forces use to conduct combat operations on a daily basis – and now, these tools are available to YOU in Tactical NAV.




★★★★★A MUST FOR THOSE WHO HAVE AN IPHONE IN A-STAN“the GPS is right on the money (using a DAGR to compare with). the best and most useful feature is the capability to take pics with the coordinates stamped in … a must have app for all deployed military members who actually leave the wire.”- Whyte_Guerilla

★★★★★AWESOME APP“Was just in Korea and the app worked perfect. the new nav to a grid is great also.”- Trunco Inc

You may be a soldier on active duty, out there putting your life on the line for your country, or maybe you brave the wilds as an adventurer, hunter, hiker or camper. In any of these situations, it’s important to have the right tools along to keep you on target and safe.

Thanks to Tactical NAV, you can have everything you need for navigating anywhere, all in one handy application on your iPhone.

This app puts the military grid reference system (MGRS) and field navigation in the palm of your hand. yes, you can now access the same resources used by the U.S. Military and NATO Armed Forces worldwide.

Soldiers will appreciate how Tactical NAV can help in the field. Map, plot and photograph navigational points, find your way back to an observation post, employ the night mode function for easier viewing in the dark, switch between different types of data and take advantage of Camera mode, with data displayed in real-time and photo stamping ability.

Everything you need is here and has been extensively tested for accuracy in the remote mountains of Afghanistan during combat operations. Tactical NAV is on par with many of the GPS devices used by U.S. Soldiers today.

Although Tactical NAV is military grade, it works great for civilians, too. are you an adventure traveler? like to hike, camp or hunt? Track your route or save waypoints so you can retrace your steps, easily find your way back to your vehicle or campsite and never worry about getting lost again.

Look at the features you get in Tactical NAV:

Download Tactical NAV now and put a portable, military quality tactical navigation system to work for you.

IMPORTANT NOTES:Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad Wifi+3G.  Tactical NAV should never be used in place of authorized Department of Defense equipment and systems. A data network is required for map downloading. Please enable location services via the iPhone’s settings menu. Tactical NAV is not endorsed by the U.S. Army, the U.S. Military, or the Department of Defense.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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