Swiss Army Knife of iPhone Car Accessories

They see me rollin’… they hatin’… patrolling they trying to catch me ridin’ dirty….  GOgroove should really make a commercial for the GOgroove FlexSMART 4i Car Mount and use Ridin as the featured song since this thing is hotter than a loaded gun!


I don’t know about you but I like to keep my car fairly free from too many wires, clips, plastic doo dads etc.  if it were up to me the perfect iPhone car accessory would do three things:

  • Works as an iPhone charger
  • Works as an iPhone holder
  • Works as an iPhone FM transmitter

Up until now I thought that was a pipe dream and I’d have to get three separate car accessories to handle all that or pay some engineer a stupid amount of money to design and build one for me.  Glad I held out on that because the GOgroove FlexSMART 4i Car Mount does it all!


Secure Mount – no, not talking about promoting safe sex here.  the FlexSMART 4i’s adjustable locking arms with cushioned rubber grips and non-slip rest make sure your iPhone doesn’t go flying when you take that corner at breakneck speeds.

Flexible Neck and Rotating Head – Wow I’ve got to get my head out of the gutter!  ok, seriously folks – the charger plugs right into your DC adapter (cigarette lighter) and its flexible neck and rotating head design allow you to get the perfect angle whether in landscape or portrait

Your Own Radio Station – Move over Howard Stern.  the FM Transmitter automatically find the clearest station to take over with your tunes and the enhanced chipset makes sure the signal is strong and clear.

All that glitters…

First thing you have to remember is this IS a bit of an off brand and the quality of the GOGroove FlexSMART 4i is a bit suspect as there are some complaints of the hardware feeling cheap and buttons feeling loose.  In addition to the feel, watch out for the actual DC plug as there are other complaints of the plug not being a great fit for some cars.  Last, but not least, you’ll probably have to take off your bumper/case to properly mount your iPhone but, then again, I haven’t seen many quick  chargers or battery cases where this wasn’t the case.

… could still be gold

Even with its drawbacks the GOgroove FlexSMART 4i Car Mount definitely belongs in the upper echelon of iPhone car accessories.  Mount, charger, and transmitter all for $40?  Don’t take my word for it though – it’s a 4 star rated product on Amazon with 40 reviews!  Check it out for yourself….

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