Subway Alarm: The iOS App That Counts Passed Stops for Users

Paris, France (PRWEB) October 13, 2011

Paris based company Proxistep announced an innovative iPhone application that counts passed stops using microphone and wakes users up before their stop.

Demand for an application like this existed for decades (since time when subways became one of the most important transportation means), as well as technical possibility to implement it. However, only in October 2011 has it become a reality when the idea of this application came to Valery Polyakh, a mobile software developer at Proxistep, who uses subway very often.

The most interesting and unique feature of the Subway Alarm is that it uses only microphone to count stops. it does not rely on GPS and Internet connection; therefore it works in almost any subway of the world.

For the moment it has been successfully tested in Vancouver, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kyiv, Kazan and Yekaterinburg. unfortunately, it does not work properly in certain subways such as new York (due to noisy air conditioning system in trains) and Paris (due to rubber-coated wheels of the trains). However, the next version of the application (currently under development) is supposed to work correctly in all subway systems worldwide.

The main features of the Subway Alarm:

  • allows users to relax when they really need it
  • made by subway user for subway users
  • unique innovative technology
  • battery and traffic friendly

The Subway Alarm gives users an opportunity to sleep or just think about whatever they want using subway, allowing them to spend time in subway in a more pleasant and beneficial manner than usual.

To learn more about the application, visit

Proxistep, a Paris based IT company founded in 2002, develops both web and mobile applications for customers worldwide.