Steps For Unlocking iPhone 3G 4.1 Using Safe And Effective Software

Any iPhone user looking for Unlocking iPhone 3G 4.1 software will need to consider the challenges accompanying such a task. with all of the iphone unlocking software available on the internet it is very easy to get confused on which solution is the best iphone software to download.

Is it easy to learn how to unlock iphone 4.1 in today’s era?

Unlocking your iPhone used to be much more complicated than it is today. with the rise in popularity of users being aware of the great features that an unlocked iPhone has to offer, there has been a frenzy in new unlock iphone software being made from iphone developers. out of such developers, the iphone dev team is the most popular, along with the iphone hacker geohot. Their iphone 3G 4.1 unlocking software was quite popular back in the day. however, Apple has continuously fixed the exploits in their updated firmware and made it harder and harder to unlock 3G iphone. those wanting to reap the benefits of an unlocked iphone 3g are going to great lengths to download unlock tools in hopes of getting the process done. unfortunately there are always bad apples in every apple orchard. If you are unlucky enough to download and install such bad iphone unlock software then you will either have a bricked iphone or a virus on your computer. It is because of this that users who have tried to unlock iphone 4.1 baseband 2.10 have left bad iphone unlocking reviews online on many jailbreak websites. It’s hard to blame them for falling prey since anyone who searches the web for ‘can i unlock iphone 3g 4.1′ and related unlock searches will immediately see some of the bad jailbreak websites that we are talking about.

Jailbreak an iPhone 3G differences compared to Unlocking iPhone 3G:

It is easy to think that jailbreaking the iphone is the same as unlocking an iphone. those methods are closely related but they are not the same process. when you jailbreak a 3G iPhone 4.1 you are simply modifying factory iPhone 4.1 firmware and the jailbreak tool that you use for the task will “plant” the ability to actually unlock and jailbreak iphone 3g 4.1. iPhone 3G jailbreaking will also install the jailbreak app called Cydia to your phone. this is the app store that is not owned by Apple which hosts many restricted iphone apps that Apple does not want iphone users to be able to utilize. once of the apps is called ultrasn0w. that unlocking application is what actually performs the iphone 3g unlock to your mobile phone. Now, when you’re unlocking iphone 3g 4.1 firmware you are are in essence doing a carrier unlock to the phone. this carrier unlock is what allows your sim card to connect to multiple cell phone networks instead of the original service provider that has an agreement with that particular cell phone. It is unfortunate that users are forced to use third party jailbreak apps to unlock their iphone 3G but it is the reality.

In order to unlock your 3G iPhone the right way, you will need to know the baseband version of your iPhone 3G. The most popular unlocked baseband is 4.10.01, but your baseband could also be 8b117 firmware. keep in mind you can also unlock ipod touch 3G and iphone 3GS that have this same firmware version.

  • 1. Download iTunes to your computer and plug your iPhone into your USB cable. if you are prompted to perform an iphone reset then do so, but if you are prompted for an iphone software upgrade then do not update iphone firmware until we tell you to.
  • 2. Download and install our iPhone 3G unlock Software to your computer’s desktop. It comes in both MAC and WINDOWS file formats for easy compatibility.
  • 3. After opening the unlock and jailbreak tool, the first step that the software will show is how to jailbreak iphone 3g 4.1. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it because it will automatically do it for you. this final preparation step is to make sure you are able to unlock iphone 4.1 baseband 2.10 in the following step.
  • 4. After your iPhone 3G is completely jailbroken, the next step is to peform an unlock for 4.1 iphone 3g in order to free the sim card. Depending on your exact baseband and bootloader versions, the unlock software might have you do an 4.1 iphone update in order to install the latest iphone firmware to the device.
  • 5. After your iphone is updated and upgraded to 4.1 firmare, the ultrasn0w unlocking program will perform the iphone 3g unlock process automatically. It usually takes a few minutes or less so sit back while the ‘magic’ happens! when the program is finished with the process, you will notice your iPhone perform a hard reset. this is to re-boot the new modified 4.1 firmware version in order to finalize and unlock it.

That is all there is to it and you now officially have an unlocked iphone 3g 4.1 and the freedom to choose your cell phone service. If you follow our step by step tutorial then you really shouldn’t have any problems when performing the unlock. just make sure to use the best possible software for unlocking iphone 3G 4.1 and you won’t have any issued to worry about!