Sprint iPhone 5 sidesteps $200 of Android frustration, delivers 4G

“Android has their issues; most common is a restart every 3-4 hours, battery life issues, free apps, and no OS support from our carriers.  LOL! we should all feel stupid for buying their devices for such handsome figures so we can deal with the frustration they comes with it.”YOU JUST BOUGHT $200 WORTH OF FRUSTRATION!””I disagree.- I don’t think that a restart every 3-4 hrs is common. I’m on my second android phone and experienced restarts on one of them, but they were rare and stopped once Google pushed out an update.- Battery life leaves room for improvement, but I would say that about any smartphone (except maybe blackberries)- Free apps . . . I fail to see where that is an issue???- My carrier is T-mobile, and they have very nice/helpful customer service, but I wouldn’t want OS support from them. They don’t have anything to do with the OS, why would they support it?- If you think people should feel stupid for buying a $200 phone, you’ll probably think I’m certifiable. I bought both of my Nexus devices at full retail price (approx $530) so that I don’t have a 2 yr. contract.

Sadly, I think you are confusing issues with manufacturer overlays (touchwiz, motoblur, sense,…) and carrier bloatware (vcast, sprint id,…) with issues on Android. This is why I have stuck with the Nexus phones, and I think once people realize the issues are caused (more often than not) by the crap loaded *on top of* Android and start speaking up, we will see more Vanilla, or stock, Android experience phones.

My thoughts on the iPhone 5/4G/4S:- no 4G (sad, sorry)- Announced this coming week (approx. 9/22)- in stores on sale on 9/30