Spread Some Charity with iPhone

These four apps allow you to spread some goodness in everything from finding missing persons to helping make poverty history. All you need to do is invest a bit of your time and make a difference with these apps.


CauseWorld is a geo location app that allows you to virtually check in to locations around you and earn karma points that you can cash in for donations to charities. You can perform good deeds and earn karma points just by walking into stores. Sponsors like Citibank, Kraft Foods and Proctor and Gamble donate money for your check ins. Additionally, you can also earn karma points by scanning the barcodes of certain products, and downloading some associated iPhone applications, both paid and free. CauseWorld offers you 10 ways to donate your karma points and you can choose where your money is going. You can either donate to Chilean relief efforts, poverty in Africa, chimpanzee habitats, cancer research, education, or to some other deserving causes listed in the app. So, next time you check in somewhere it might as well count for something noble. (Price: Free)

The Extraordinaries

The Extraordinaries app connects volunteers with nonprofit organizations and corporations that allow them to perform online volunteering that makes a difference in the world. Launching this app lets you do micro volunteering right from your iPhone. For instance, during the Haiti earthquake you could open this app and help identify missing people from the photos. It’s an extraordinary app that inspires people to do actual hands-on charity. However, this iPhone app for charity hasn’t gotten a lot of recognition due to the fact that it has been said that those who are interested in charity don’t actually own an iPhone. But you can change this situation! (Price: Free)

Give Work

The Give Work app is designed to support refugees in developing countries. This strange little app asks you to perform one task on your iPhone, and a refugee in a developing region does the same. Then your refugee partner gets paid for both tasks or the money goes towards their training. It’s a novel initiation by an organization called Samasource that works with refugees by providing them with life changing opportunities via the Internet.

The tasks that you are asked to perform can either be data entry, Internet research, book digitization, business listings verification, video captioning or audio transcription. In return for every task that you complete, you support refugees by either generating income for their training or by developing or designing future training programs. The refugees can also trade in the points that you have created with each task. It’s a great way of helping the needy refugees and definitely worth your time. (Price: Free)

Make Poverty History

The Make Poverty History app actually doesn’t do much. You must have seen people wear bracelets to support a cause; well this app basically does this. The white bracelet with words Make Poverty History can be purchased just for $0.99 as your iPhone’s background. 100 percent of the profits that come from this app go to charity. If every iPhone owner downloads this app, it would definitely do a lot of good towards making poverty history.

If you know of any other iPhone apps for charities that are worth a look then please post a comment.