Sonastand Aluminium iPhone Amplifier Dock (video)

Sonastand is a new amplifier dock which has been created for the iPhone that uses no batteries or electronics to amplify the smartphones audio. Instead the Sonastand aluminium amplifier captures the sound from the speaker, and re-directs it outwards with enhanced clarity and volume.

The Sonastand has even been especially shaped to allow you to plug in your charger whilst using the Sonastand. Watch the video from its creators after the jump to see how the Sonastand works.

The innovative Sonastand has been designed by Bob Wimbrow and Colin Chu, who are currently advertising their creation on Kickstarter in an attempt to raise $20,000 to make their concept a reality. So if you feel the Sonastand is something you would use jump over and make a pledge to give it a helping hand.

“We’ve machined the Sonastand out of a solid chunk of aluminum, so it has quality you can feel. It’s virtually indestructible, and for those who care, it’s 100% recyclable.

One of our favorite features is how portable the Sonastand is. you can take it anywhere. From listening to podcasts while getting ready for the day, to watching music videos at the beach, the Sonastand is perfect for situations on the go.”

The Sonastand will be available in 4 sizes to accommodate either a naked, skinned, or cased iPhone.

Source : Kickstarter