Some Superb Accessories For The iPhone 4S – Part One

Since its release in October 2011 a huge number of iPhone 4S handsets have been sold with over 4 million units shipping in the very first weekend. with so many of these devices in circulation there are dozens of manufacturers developing accessories for this excellent mobile phone. we take a look at two of very best additional extras that are available for this excellent device.

The iPhone 4S comes with a very basic mains charger but many users decide to purchase a docking station to perform this task. In addition to charging the phone a docking station incorporates speakers so that users can enjoy audio content from their phone in a higher quality than can be achieved from the speakers built in to the handset. The iDapt S1 is a superb docking solution that offers some excellent functions not present on many similar devices. The docking station is capable of charging up to four different devices at the same time. this will appeal to fans of Apple products as it means that the iPhone 4S can be charging at the same time as their iPad. rather than using a series of wires to perform these tasks the base station is supplied with a set of interchangeable tips designed to fit almost every mobile device. this keeps the unit looking very neat and makes it perfect for a bedside table or an office desk. An FM radio and clock are both fitted in the unit which also makes it perfect for use as an alarm clock or for listening to radio broadcasts.

Some of the very best ideas are the simplest and the Smartphones Experts S&C Retractable Cable is a perfect example of this. this is a basic charging cable for the iPhone 4S but one where you can adjust the length thanks to a clever winding mechanism positioned in the middle of the cable. The idea behind this design is to help users to reduce clutter in their home by allowing them to use the exact cable length that they require. at its shortest length this new design measures just 4.5 inches in length and it can be extended to over 24 inches in length. this will appeal to iPhone users who become frustrated at the short length of the cable that comes supplied with the phone. this innovation is easy to carry around and makes charging your device or connecting to a computer a much neater affair.

There are a wealth of excellent accessories available for the iPhone 4S and the two we have looked at are just two examples. The iDapt provides a superb docking station with potential for charging multiple units while the retractable cable is incredibly simple yet effective.