Solar Charger For an iPhone With Mojo

Sometimes, we get carried away when we are on our iPhone. There are too many applications we can use such as games, trackers, internet, and many more that we tend to over use it and end up draining our batteries. and when the time comes that we need to call someone or text someone, we cannot anymore because we have no batteries to do this; no matter how important the call or text may be we are hopeless. but of course, I am not here to tell you, readers that we are hopeless regarding this matter. I am actually here to present to you the best solution ever discovered to address our dilemmas of empty batteries; the solar charger for iPhone. amazing isn’t it? There is a charger that actually works when exposed to the sun.

Solar chargers for iPhone are very light and small. these chargers were made like this so we can use it wherever we are without being hassled of the weight and the size of it. it is that small and light weight that is can be compared to a mini compact powder mirror or small triangular shaped device. it is designed that way so it will be very convenient for the users.

Not only can solar chargers charge iPhone but it is also compatible with other devices as well. The inventors sure are smart to come up with a solar charger that can charge more than one device. these devices specifically are cell phones, laptops or notebooks, cars, iPods. but remember that some solar iPhone chargers are made for a specific device only so if you plan to charge other devices with your solar phone charger, consult with the sales person where you are buying to make sure that the solar charger is compatible with the different devices you are planning to charge. in addition to that, the connectors also differ per device so make sure also that you have the right connector for the device.

Using the solar iPhone charger is very easy. all you have to is plug it onto the phone you are charging, face the charger against the sunlight and wait till it starts to charge. in order to maximize the charging capacity of the solar charger, make sure that the entire surface of the charger is exposed to the sun or the sunlight. this will take you about one to two hours in order for your battery to charge, but not full. The downfall of this solar charger is of course, it cannot work at night. Since it is called solar, it will only function during the day. make sure you charge your iPhone before it gets dark or you will not be able to charge it at all as soon as the sun is out.

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