Six-Guns iPad/iPhone Anti-Vampire Tonic Locations

“This seems to be an anti-vampire tonic! Maybe if you find enough bottles you can figure out how it works.” 10 Bottles to find. Reward: $850 & 85 exp.
1. AZ. Las Brujas Cottage – barrel out front
2. AZ. Fort Ghost – inside the fort on some crates
3. AZ. Aspa Hill – right side next to the big tree
4. AZ. Bandits Camp – next to the center tent
5. OR. Al “Three Fingers” Stand (Lumberjack Woods) – side of the stand
6. OR. Crystal Lake – on the end of the dock
7. OR. Gem’s Salon (Socorro Town) – Outside, upstairs on the railing
8. OR. Gem’s Salon (Socorro Town) – Inside, upstairs in bedroom on the bed
9. OR. Assassin’s Creek – Inside house upstairs
10. OR. Sister Ingrid’s Mine – box near mine entrance

I hope you found these locations useful. Make sure to check out the main walkthrough page for more information.

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