Siri for iPhone 4


I saw an application called Siri for the iPhone4 today, and I’m impressed to say the least. I now understand why Apple acquired this company back in April.

It is a Personal Concierge of sorts. It takes audio input from you and tries to figure out what best suits your desire for a query. For example, you can say something like, "I want to find a restaurant that serves sushi and has room for 2 tonight near me…"

Siri will narrow down the search to restaurants near your location that serve sushi, then searches in OpenTable to see if there are any that have a table for at least 2 people and shows you the results and lets you decide. All this within a few seconds. Now that’s impressive.

I don’t know if Siri is coming out with an Android version (although I highly doubt that Apple would let that happen), but maybe Google will come out with something like this. My one solid reason to choose Android over the iPhone was the Voice Response capabilities of the Google related phones (BTW, I still love that about the Android). Now that gap is slimmer.

Thankfully, my wife has an iPhone so I don’t have to part with my Evo (Did I mention I love it?). I can’t ignore good apps on the iPhone platform, but for me, as a techie, the Android platform is amazing and getting more and more robust as days go by. I watch videos, talk to it to ask it to find me an address, talk my text messages and responses… Oh sorry, went off track, this was not about the Android.

Anyway, this author likes Siri. That’s all I have to say. If you have an iPhone 4, you should get this app. You will love it.