SIM Free White iPhone – Software Review

A SIM free white iPhone 4 will soon be available on the high street. The new design has brought about major hardware improvements including a faster, more efficient processor, better stills camera, high-definition video recording and better battery life. We take a look at the new software that Apple has introduced to complement this new hardware.

iPhone and iBooks

In a similar move that Apple made with the iPad, the iPhone will feature a version of iBooks complete with PDF and annotations support. The iBook application will be able to synchronize between Apple devices, so you could start reading a book on an iPad and then continue reading at the same point on your smartphone. Users will have the ability to download purchased books to all of their supported devices without any additional charge.

iPhone OS 4 (iOS 4)

Apple’s mobile device operating system is now officially called iOS 4. The new software will be standard on the SIM free white iPhone 4 and will be available for the iPhone 3GS, 3G and iPod touch, although some limitations may be applied depending on the hardware in question. The main feature is that it will finally introduce the much needed multitasking support with app switching being carried out by double clicking home button. another long-awaited feature that has been available on rivals such as the HTC Desire and Sony Xperia X10 is the use of a folder structure for the storage and organisation of apps and documents. It will also include support for Apple Bluetooth external keyboards, a Mail inbox supporting multiple services, a game center, improved support for Microsoft Exchange and enterprise users as well as introducing the iAd mobile advertising network

FaceTime video calling also makes a debut with the iPhone 4. The feature will at first be Wi-Fi only with a possible 3G capability coming in the future and can only be used between iPhone 4 smartphones, although it may be extended to other platforms in the future. As well as using the front facing camera, users will be able to use the rear-mounted 5MP camera to let callers see what they’re seeing.

White iPhone 4 availability

Initially available in the United States, France, Germany, Japan, and the UK, the new iPhone will become available throughout the world during the remainder of 2010 and early 2011. The SIM free white iPhone 4 is available with either 16GB or 32GB capacities. a black version is also now available.