Showdown: iPhone 3G/3GS & iPhone 4 Battery Cases–(Jailbreak & Unlock iPhone)

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Searching for the best battery case for the iphone? we put five iphone 4 and five iphone 3G/3GS cases through rigorous testing to discover the strongest option.Just like a good friend, your iphone can there be for you personally when you need it. but unlike your best pal, the iphone has a tendency to conk out at worst moment if you forget to charge its battery.

The perfect solution is can be a battery pack. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. Case-style power packs will be the most convenient and portable. since they’re made to fit snugly, they’re phone-specific, so make sure you get the right model for your iphone. that will help you choose, we’ve selected five for the iphone 4 and five for the iphone 3G and 3GS. we put each case through rigorous real-world tests, having an 8-month-old iphone 3GS and 3-month-old iphone 4. both phones’ batteries have run up a good variety of charge cycles, which means that your results may differ if your battery is a lot older or newer.

We measured simply how much charge each pack could push in to a dead iphone, then timed how long it took to charge the pack and also the phone fully-useful to learn if you’re off somewhere and want to day as much charge as you can. Finally, we left the tour of Unreal’s Epic Citadel running, which really mashes away in the processor and therefore the battery-a true acid test. Let’s observe how they fared.

The way you SelectedLots of batteries plug into your iPhone’s Dock connector to charge it, however in this test, we’re looking at case-style power packs, five for the iphone 4 and five for the 3G/3GS. we list the manufacturers’ suggested list prices, but a majority of can be found for less (sometimes a smaller amount) at resellers like

iphone 4 Battery CasesTest 01We plugged the entire battery power right into a dead iphone 4 and left it to charge with all the phone on but the display off. the battery percentage reading was extracted from the iphone when the battery case was empty. the high-capacity Dexim arrived on the scene top; the Exogear was surprisingly low.

Test 02We plugged an inactive battery power and dead iphone 4 right into a 500mA USB port on our Mac and timed the length of time it took for both to charge fully. Don’t hold your breath-it ain’t quick. the Mophie did well, nevertheless the Logic3 was fastest. It’s not the entire story though-look at Test 03, below.

Test 03Using the pack and iphone charged, we left the guided tour of Unreal’s Epic Citadel running with sound muted and timed how much additional time we got with the battery when compared to iphone on its own. this is when the differences really showed up.

Test 04 Design and Features

We like Dexim’s flip-case design for the screen protection it provides, though it’s the bulkiest with the ones we tested, it doesn’t grip the telephone so well, and also the flip clip isn’t particularly elegant.

The Mili’s one-piece spring clip, which hooks outrageous with the iphone, can be a nice idea that just doesn’t work since it kept coming loose in our pocket. as well as the Exogear’s clip-on ring is functional but flimsy-the case is mighty thin, though. our favorites will be the Logic3 and the Mophie: the first kind for the one-piece design, and the latter because it’s solid, looks the part, and contains a nice rubber back.

All five possess a power switch, so that you can decide when to make use of the charge in the battery to boost your iphone. with the Mili, it won’t start charging until you press its On button, nevertheless, you can’t then stop it without detaching the iPhone-less elegant compared to the others. and many types of these cases except the Dexim use a strip of lights that demonstrates how much juice is incorporated in the battery. the Dexim comes with a light to inform you if it’s charging (orange) or full (green), however the light color changes according to your angle of view-very frustrating.

As well as the Winner is. Mophie Juice Pack AirThe Mophie’s performance and design panache make it a worthy winnerThis test has had out an unexpected trait in us-we’ve begun to appreciate the American Idol judges. when confronted with two very different choices, each using its own distinct strengths, how will you pick between them? unlike the Idol crew, we didn’t have to factor in American teenagers’ votes-by-text or tolerate Ryan Seacrest. but it was still being tough.

In the end liked the phenomenal capacity and added use time of the Dexim, its design lacks finesse, and since you’ve got a stylish and well-designed phone, you’ll need a case to match. for the same reason, we didn’t have the Mili and Exogear packs were quite up to scratch, regardless of the Mili’s impressive additional use time.

Therefore i was still having our final two. as we said inside the design test, i was equally impressed by the Logic3 and Mophie cases, and felt both were a worthy complement towards the iphone 4’s sleek looks. In terms of just how much juice they pumped to the phone, these were practically identical, plus they were the 2 quickest-charging packs we tested.

So it came down as to whether the Mophie’s more-than-double additional use time justified its almost-double cost. Let’s first say that we think is about the expensive side, which at , the Logic3 is an attractive option if you’re on a tight budget. (Make sure to check around!) but at the conclusion of the day, if you’re going to shell out for a battery case, it’s because you’re the sort of heavy iphone user who regularly finds your battery used up, so the more additional use time you get, the greater. and while the Mophie isn’t the supreme winner because test, it offers the best overall balance of great design and good performance. it protects your phone well, it’s solidly built but still thin, it oozes class, and it provides you with plenty of additional time to savor all that’s great about your iphone.

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