Should You Purchase an Unlocked iPhone 4?

Confirming earlier rumors Apple is beginning sales for an unlocked version of the iPhone 4 starting at $649.99 for the 16gb version. If you’re considering buying one then maybe you should ask yourself "is now the right time to be buying this?".

Apple has plans to upgrade their iOS platform to version 5 and with that may follow a new phone. While nothing has been confirmed it’s likely that Apple will want to launch new hardware with the fresh OS, or at least soon after.

If you are not concerned about the future and want to purchase an unlocked iPhone 4 you should also note that using data through T-Mobile will only allow access to the EDGE network. Meaning no access to 3g, or HSPA+. I don’t know about you, but if I’m not on 3G I pretty much stick to just phone calls at that point.

Using the phone outside the U.S is not a problem as it supports any GSM network that uses micro-SIM cards. However don’t expect to use this on a CDMA network like Verizon.

This is not intended to discourage those who want to purchase an unlocked iPhone 4, but instead provide awareness before purchasing something without thinking about the better experience ahead.

Source: Read Write Web