Sell Your iPhone 4 and Get Ready for iPhone 5

We still do not know the exact release date for iPhone 5. However, from what we know, this date should be closed. We expect the next generation iPhone is “just weeks away“.

There are countless rumors about the blogsphere speculating the release date of iPhone 5. Most believe the iPhone 5 will be available to general public in mid-Oct or late Oct.

Back in May, Stéphane Richard tested the waters by confirming that Apple was tinkering with the idea of a new, smaller SIM card standard. Seemingly walking away from that without any harsh repercussions, he today shared what he believes to be the launch date for the iPhone 5. In discussions with a small group of French reports, Stéphane mentioned:

“If we believe what we have been told, the iPhone 5 will be released on 15 October”

Source: Techcrunch

China Telecom stores said they have received a notice from the company’s headquarters which instructed them to train their salespeople in preparation for selling the iPhone 5.

China Telecom will begin taking orders as early as late September, and products will hit the market in October, according to the notice.


Our inside source says there will be a press conference announcing the new hardware on October 5th, with retail release occurring a week later.

This broadly fits with the movement of recent rumours, which peaked with a – since proven erroneous – 21st October release date, bought forward to a October 15th date, according to Orange CEO Stephane Richard.

Source: Pocketgamer

The new iPhone is expected to be thinner, equip with faster processor and boast the built-in camera to 8-megapixel. hopefully, the iPhone 5 will come with a revamped design.

So are you going to purchase the new iPhone? If your answer is positive and you do not plan to keep your iPhone 4, get ready to sell it! Apparently, the value of current iPhone models will be declined rapidly once Apple officially announces the next iPhone.

According to BGR, the average selling price of Apple’s iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G dropped between 10% and 15% by the time Apple announced the iPhone 4 on June 7th. by the time Apple’s iPhone 4 launched in late June 2010, eBay resale values of the iPhone 3GS had further dropped by roughly 22%.

What history teaches us is don’t wait too long. Sell your old iPhone early (or just when iPhone 5 is announced) to get better value.

Are you going to grab the iPhone 5? For me, I’m sure to buy one once it’s available in my country. how about you?

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