Review of The Powermat Wireless Blackberry Charger

You’ve bought your new Blackberry and are delighted with it. the only minor irritation is having to keep finding the charging lead and plugging it in to recharge. you know how fiddly leads are and how easy it is to lose them.

What if you could charge up your blackberry just by placing it on a mat and leaving it? Simple as that. no leads, no plugs no messing about. well now you can with a wireless charger. It’s new, it’s modern and it’s so easy to use. one of the best on the market is the Powermat wireless charger and here’s a review of it.

As the saying goes, it does what it says on the tin in that the Powermat wireless charger is designed to charge several mobile devices from just one power source. So it saves you time not having to find and plug in each charging lead and it saves you money by avoiding the waste of electricity that happens with charging leads left on after the phone is fully charged.

The specially designed Powermat works as efficiently as possible because it easily meets the widely recognised highest power standards (energy star 5). Amazingly you’ll discover the Powermat more often than not will charge your mobile devices faster than the manufacturers leads that came with it. In addition the Powermat is manufactured to be smart. you won’t keep on charging a fully charged mobile as the built in electronics sense the charge levels and stops when it is charged up.

If you’re looking for a stylish and chic experience the Powermat wireless charger is perfect for you. the packaging sets a modern, sophisticated tone from the off and when you remove it you find a chic, slim and stylish thin mat with those essential curves so no matter how you view it, it looks great and will fit in at work and at home.

With each mat there are 3 charging areas enabling you to charge 3 mobiles at a time. If you buy a bundle of Powermat and blackberry charger battery doors you will appreciate the careful design ensuring looks are maintained with only a slight increase in thickness denoting the additional magnets.

The speed at which the Powermat charges your phones may well surprise you. When a test was conducted comparing the speed of charging of the Powermat and the charge lead supplied with the blackberry the Powermat was the clear winner at around 45 minutes quicker when charging from empty. using the Powermat was easy and simple involving just dropping it (gently!) on the mat as compared to messing about with plugs and wires.

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