Review of Best Budgeting Applications for iPhone

Read the review of the some best free iPhone apps for various needs of use. The iPhone Budget app is a full-featured budget management application which offers various settings and options with the aim of helping you keep track of your spending and helps you keep to a budget. By this budgeting apps, people can track their stocks, convert currencies, calculate how much they owe, and track expenses—all on the go. Most of these apps are free or available for a nominal charge so there’s little to lose by trying them.

List of IPhone apps

SplashMoney ($9.99)

SplashMoney is another mobile checkbook that is well known from its implementation on Palm and Windows Mobile. SplashMoney allows you to track different account types: checking, savings, credit card, cash, asset, liability, money market and line of credit. You can create a budget and track and analyze your spending with customizable reports and charts. To sync with the desktop, you will need to purchase the desktop version of SplashMoney separately.

Bank of America Mobile Banking

Bank of America app can transfer money between accounts, send money to other BoA customers, track spending, and check balances.  This is one of the most handy user friendly apps I reviewed. Its best feature is its ability to find the nearest ATM and Banking Center locations using the GPS in the iPhone, something that isn’t possible with the mobile site.

PayPal For iPhone

EBay allows you to stay on top of  your auctions while you’re away from you desktop by offering real time updates on the status of your bid. You can even change your bid on the go. But how about paying for your item right away? Now PayPal for the iPhone allows you to easily send payments safely and securely.

Like most financial apps, provides real time updates on account balances and tracks your spending habits to help you budget, which is great while travelling or otherwise away from home. Manage savings, checking and credit cards accounts on the go and at no charge? This is a must have for the on-the-go financial whiz.

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