Reasons Why IPhone 5 Will Not Outdo the Samsung Galaxy S2

The most anticipated Smartphone of the year being the apple iphone 5 is expected to arrive in October, while the Samsung Galaxy S2 has hit the US last week. The Samsung Galaxy S2 was become the best selling Samsung phone ever. Samsung has become apple’s biggest competitor. Apple has become scared of Samsung that they went to the extent of suing Samsung and seeking the stop of sales worldwide. Samsung has now seeking the ban the sale of iphone 5. The company alleged that iphone and ipad 2 has violated multiple wireless technology patients that it holds.

The Samsung galaxy S2 is offering the 8 megapixel camera with Flash and can record HD video in 1080p offering the richest video content on a Smartphone. All the versions of Galaxy S2 will be supported by the 4 g data speed which is four times faster than the iphone 5 is offering. Even though both superphones are basking in their glory of hype, there are a few reasons why the Samsung galaxy S2 will overpower the iphone 5. The display of the galaxy S2 has featured the Super AMOLDED plus capacitive touch screen display. The super AMOLED plus is considered to be the best available technology for mobile displays. The RGB matrix makes for the display to be sharper, making the smaller text clear. The super AMOLED plus also makes display enhanced to make text more readable, delivers great color, slimmer form and better battery consumption than the previous phones. The incredibly high resolution makes it better than the retina display then the iphone 5. The operating system being offered by iphone 5 will have all the same features that Android operating system has been offering.

The new Android’s new operating system will be a single operating system across Smartphones and tablets. This operating system will interface with the excellence of Android Honeycomb to smart phones including updated app launcher, interactive, and new home – screen widgets, holographic user interface and multi – tasking panel. Apple has a huge App store, but Android market has improved in quantity and quality. Making a larger selection of app that is free unlike the iphone 5.

The Samsung galaxy S2 will be supported by Flash and full HD video inside the Adobe Flash Player. There are not many devices that full support HD video playback even inside Adobe Flash Player. The iphone 5 doesn’t support Flash. Apple claims that, the Adobe Flash crashes more times and is a power hog. The galaxy S2 comes with a memory that is expandable and the battery is removable. The iphone 5 will not have removable storage. The galaxy has a large advantage with 1 GB RAM to match the dual core processor. If the galaxy S2 was used all the time, then the user would be able to get 10 hours of battery.

These are the reasons why the Samsung galaxy will outdo apple iphone 5 by far.