Protect and Customize Your Devices with DomeSkin

When you get a new gadget, you have to decide how you’re going to protect it.  Cases can provide good protection, but they add bulk and completely obscure the device.  Those thin skins – clear or with a design – add some scratch protection, but some of them can be as slippery as the device itself.  DomeSkins are different than other skins;  they have a padded, 3-D profile.  They come in a variety of patterns and colors, so you can customize your device to suit your style.  They use a 3M adhesive that comes off easily and leaves no sticky residue.  Unlike most skins on the market, you’ll be able to reuse the DomeSkin because the puffy, 3D layer strengthens the skin and helps it retain its shape.  The domed profile adds more protection than flat skins can, and they are scratch-resistant and add some “grip” to your device.  (The phone in the picture is stuck to the glass in a vertical window.  Click the picture for a larger view.)  DomeSkins are available for the following devices:  Blackberry (Torch, Storm, Bold, Curve, Pearl models for $19.99), iPhone (original, 3G, 3GS, 4 for $19.99), various iPod models ($19.99), and iPad (1 and 2, $29.99).

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