Free iPhone 4

Have you ever wanted to try one of those marketing ploys for a free iPhone?

You may have seen ads across the internet or in your email box for a free iPhone/iPad etc. “Just complete a few offers and we will send you a free iPhone/iPad.”

These really are not scams, but they do have specific requirements. You will have to sign up for 3-6 offers like a netflix trial or some kind of Acai berry offer, etc. When you sign up for each of those offers, the owner of the website will make a commission. Once they make enough commission + the cost of the product, you will qualify for the offer of a Free iPhone/iPad, etc.

Not all “Free” stuff is bad, but there is a price involved. You may have signed up for 10 different offers, and spent $10 per offer. You spent $100, but you get a free iPhone… You still win!

iPhone Download World has done research on many of the Free iPhone/iPad sites only to find a few to be legit. Here are the advertisers for each:

Free iPad from

Apple(R) iPad with iLuv(R) Case from

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