Prepping for Partnering: The Top Customer Service Questions from Business Forum ’11

Interestingly, most of these questions were location-based!

1)      How can I reschedule/cancel a meeting?

We are always happy to do this for our customers at the Partnering Help Desk, but remember that you can cancel a meeting and submit a rescheduling request within your partnering Calendar.

Also note that for BIO India 2011 and BIO Asia 2011, users will have the ability to reschedule meetings on their own!  As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any thoughts/ideas on how we can make this functionality best for you.

2)      Where is the bathroom?

A very common and very necessary question.  with only 5 minutes between meetings, we encourage all to scope out the bathrooms before the busy day begins!

3)      Where can I print my schedule?

We are happy to do this at the partnering desk, but remember that you can always review your schedule on your Smartphone.  A bonus coming in 2012: a fully-integrated BIO One-on-One Partnering™ app for iPhone, Bberry and Android!

4)      can I see company profiles after the event is over?

Yes, you can login to your partnering account for a minimum of two months following our events!

5)      Is there a lost and found box?

While there is not a formal box, the partnering desk is known to be a de-facto location for folks to bring unattended cell phones, chargers, business cards…even wedding rings!  If you ever lose anything at one of our conferences, make sure to visit the friendly partnering desk.

6)      can I have the contact information for a specific delegate so I can contact them outside of the partnering system?

Unfortunately, we cannot give out the contact information of other attendees due to privacy policies.  always remember that you can either:

Search for them in the delegate directory – they may have posted contact information

Send them a message through the partnering system (type your message in the existing thread and hit “reply only”)

7)      What will Partnering be like next year?

Partnering at the 2012 Business Forum will be exciting and different, no doubt.  Highlights and the need to know:

The Business Forum will be on the same floor as the exhibit hall floor, with a small wall separating the two (much like 2010 in Chicago)

Business Forum attendees will have the ability to arrange meetings with exhibitors at their exhibit booths (exhibitors cannot enter the Business Forum)

# of companies attendees could arrange a 1×1 meeting with in 2011: 2400+

# of companies attendees will be able to arrange a 1×1 meeting with in 2011: 4000+

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