Popular iPhone Applications

iPhone has changed the way people use their mobile phones. Using your iPhone you can surf the internet, send and receive emails, launch applications, play games, text your friends, book tickets, listen to music and can make a call also! There are dozens of apps available which are developed by various iPhone Application development companies. Let’s discuss some of the popular iPhone applications.

1. Dictaphone Application

There are many iPhone apps which replaces dictaphone requirement. You just need to load this types of app on your iPhone. This application provides a features to select the quality levels for the recording and append new audio to existing recording. Even add text notes to the recordings which is very helpful recording any interview. You can transfer the recordings via Wi-Fi to your Mac any time you want.

2. Gaming

If you are a gaming enthusiast, iPhone applications is there with its huge showcase of games. There are thousands of free and paid games for you to choose from. iPhone apps can really be a substitute to your gaming devices.

3. Mobile Shopping

Mobile shopping is the other application developed by iPhone apps programmers for your convenience.Now with this mobile shopping application you can shop more real things using your iPhone at the Amazon iPhone optimized store. If you still do not like it, wait, this is just the beginning of a new age of mobile-shopping – it is going to improve further in significant measures.

4. Music & Video

Because of iPhone application development now for your entertainment you do not need to carry the iPod separately if iPhone is with you. It can play the stored music and videos as well as those on the internet.

5. Dictionary & Thesaurus

With the help of internet, you can always find the meaning of any word. But if you think that the process is somewhat slow and inconvenient, you can use this application. Carrying this dictionary is obviously far better option than carrying a real paper. And it also provides you with synonyms and meanings of word even when there is no mobile signal!

6. Camera and Photos

With this application iPhone works as a camera. No doubt that the camera is not a replacement of digital camera but it can do more than just a camera. You can take a picture and share it instantly using many photo-sharing sites. You can edit the photos or choose to add a filter from various options available in iPhones.

7. GPS Logger

Your iPhone has the GPS functionality. Using many of the GPS Apps available, iPhone can do things that are simply outstanding. This application provides you with an interactive map of the location.

8. Remote Control

There are many ways to use your iPhone apps as a remote control. It also provides you to control connections of your iTunes over your Wi-Fi network. Among other iPhone apps some gives you a virtual keyboard and mouse on your iPhone that you can use to control your Mac.

So we can say that iPhone has accomplished a popularity level above our imagination because it has the ability of performing multiple tasks in its single shell. People do not need to go for several gadgets to fulfil their needs, now they can just buy an iPhone and can load many iPhone apps developed by iPhone App Developer. The capabilities of the iPhone are increasing day by day as newer apps are being added everyday.