PlugBug can charge MacBook and iPhone simultaneously

As much as I love traveling, I don’t like the fact that I have to bring many chargers for my numerous gadgets. I wish there’s a universal gadget for all of my Apple products. this PlugBug could be the answer to my prayers as it turns the MacBook charger into an iPhone charger.

The PlugBug can even charge the MacBook and iPhone at the same time from an electrical outlet. this means less cables and less clutter. the red PlugBug provides fast charging to the iPhone and iPad with 10 watts of power.

Making the PlugBug more of a winner is the fact that it also works as an international power converter. Meaning you can use it everywhere as it can ‘convert an international MacBook Power Adapter into a North American compatible adapter’ as described.

PlugBug Charger is available for $35.

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