Philips unveils a trio of Android speaker docks

Tyler Lee 09/01/2011 05:11 PDT

There has always been a slew of speaker docks that have been created specifically for the iPod/iPhone in mind, and sure they support other devices but usually that involves plugging a cable into the other device’s headphone jack. considering how Android is currently dominating the smartphone platform marketshare, Philips has outed a trio of speaker docks that have been created specifically for Android devices in mind.

They should be able to work with just about any Android handset in the market today, and not to worry as the micro USB jack is able to be pulled out and rotated 360-degrees, which means by hook or crook it will eventually be able to hook up to your Android device.

Unfortunately it appears that the micro USB is used for charging the device, and if you wish to stream songs over the speakers, you’d have to pair it with your device via Bluetooth through a free app called Simply Share that Philips will offer for free upon the release of the speakers. The Philips AS851 will set you back €199, followed by the much smaller Philips AS351 that is priced around €129, and finally the Philips AS111.

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