Now Use Headphone to Capture Photos on iPhone

iOS 5 is latest release with so many new features, now with the help of iOS 5 on your iPhone you can easily click photos without ever touching the display screen. this means without touching the iPhone screen you can click you favorite picture with the least amount of camera shake. the trick is simple to use, all you need a iPhone with iOS 5 and headphone with volume buttons.

Although nothing too amazing, it does open the camera up capturing shots at more difficult angles as you can use the headphone + volume button as a remote shutter making it a little easier to position the phone to get the picture you want.

Just open your iPhone’s camera app, ready your shot, and click the volume up button of your headphone to click the photos. If you have a Bluetooth headset with volume control, it’ll likely work with that, too. Any Bluetooth headset paired with the iPhone can be used in a similar manner to the wired headphones to take a photo.

If you are using the Bluetooth headset, this is perfect for taking photos on trips without having to use a camera app with a timer. Just attach your iPhone to a tripod and use your bluetooth headset volume + button as self timer remote to click the pictures.