No, the iPhone 4S isn't the iPhone 5

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Apple introduced a new iPhone this week, but it wasn’t the iPhone 5 that everyone was hoping to see. the iPhone 5 is the phone we have been talking about for months, with a larger screen, a sleek new look an aluminum back.

Instead, Apple’s new iPhone is the iPhone 4S.

While the iPhone 4S doesn’t look like the iPhone 5 we were expecting, it has many of the same internals and new software features. This is also a bit confusing, because the iPhone 4S is the fifth iPhone, but it is not the iPhone 5.

Will there be an iPhone 5? I’d bet that Apple is already working on the iPhone 5, a new iPhone that will arrive sometime in 2012 with a new look and 4G LTE connectivity. Who knows, Apple might end up calling the next iPhone the iPhone 4GS.

Apple is working on products in cycles. Apple has an internal roadmap, and a plan for the iPhone product line over a number of years. if leaked, the iPhone product road map would tell us all about the iPhone 5, future iPhones and perhaps show off some of the features in this iPhone 5 concept video.

You can get a good look at the differences between the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 in our comparison article, but in short, the iPhone 4S is a better iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S looks just like the iPhone 4, which means you’ll be able to use the plethora of iPhone 4 accessories with your iPhone 4S.

Because the iPhone 4S doesn’t have a new teardrop shaped design, larger screen and aluminum back, Apple was able to focus on the internals. while some are disappointed with the iPhone 4S, it does include almost every internal spec that we thought the iPhone 5 would have.

Let’s look at the features we were expecting.

Faster processor that delivers better looking graphics and adds the ability to wirelessly mirror your iPhone 4S to an HDTV with an Apple TV? Check.

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8MP camera with 1080P HD recording and a better camera sensor? Check, and it even has video stabilization.

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Assistant App that can read texts, tell you the weather, help you schedule appointments and reminders? Check.

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New antenna design, available from Sprint and world phone capable? Check, Check and Check.

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These new features, combined with iOS 5, are how Apple plans to get you to purchase the new iPhone 4S.

Before you do, be sure that you read our guide: iPhone 4S: should I Buy the new iPhone. This guide will help you cut through the hype to see if you need the new iPhone 4S, hold off for the iPhone 5 in 2012, or look at an Android smartphone.

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