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Iphone Photo App ExamplesImage by WanderingtheWorld ( | HDR Travel Blog | Tumblr | Contact MeBelow is an excerpt from my HDR travel blog. Cheers.

The above photo montage consists of pictures taken with Instagram, Hipstamatic and various other photo apps for the Iphone. I recently purchased an Iphone and I’m amazed at the quality of photos you get with the little gadget. But as I mentioned before, perhaps the most compelling reason to purchase an Iphone is the ability to edit and process the photo (apply filters, change the focus, tweak the color etc…) in real time. before the smartphone camera existed, one would have to take their photos off of their camera and upload them to a personal computer before editing the photos. With the advent of the smartphone, cameras now have computers in them, allowing for real-time processing and instant access to the web.

Here’s a list of cool Camera Apps for the Iphone that I use;

INSTAGRAM – this program allows filters to be applied immediately after taken them, giving the photos a retro-like look to them. It’s easier to use than other filter programs but I don’t think the filters are as strong as some of the other programs.

HIPSTAMATIC – Hipstamatic was actually a tangible camera invited by 2 individuals in 1980 from Wisconsin who enjoyed ‘hip-like’ filters from the 60s and 70s era. A couple of programmers stumbled across this camera and decided to make an app for it. It’s one of the highest grossing apps out there. It’s more technical in that you don’t have the option to change the filter after the photos been taken. you have to know what each filter does ahead of time.

CAMERA+ – this app is like an abbreviated version of Photoshop. it focuses more on technical processing aspects (crop, color, focal point, contrast, brightness), rather than the ‘retro filters’ of Instagram of Hipstamatic.

All of these apps give you the option of posting on Facebook to share with your friends, but are limited in fostering social connections through photographs. I think that’s the next step in the mobile sharing of photographs.