News of an Unlocked iPhone 3GS All For $350?

According to very credible sources, Apple shall launch the latest and next generation iPhone right at the end of summer during the late part of August. there are rumors that they will start offering the so called iPhone 3GS without the contract for the price of $350. This is to target the market along with the launching of the fifth generation iPhone. there is no certainty though that the very next iPhone will be completely launched with a redesign. Many are thinking it will look just like the iPhone 4 but with all the noted improvements like a much faster processor and even a clearer camera.

There are even other news too that the complete redesign would more look like iPod Touch 4G compared to the look of iPhone 4. there were even news leakage that Apple will come up with a new case. If this would prove true, then there would surely be an iPhone 4S to add up to the iPhone 3GS in prepaid that will be offered by the next couple of months.

There are also news that Apple will not cease to sell the present iPhone 4 to give the company a wide range of gadgets for the lower and middle price segments. Don’t you think that the idea of a free iPhone in exchange of a locked in contract for two years surely sound great all for $350? with this strategy, they need not go through all the hassle of updating the models every year.

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